Virtual Reality Training for Schools: Technical Setup

Configuring the headsets to work with your schools technical infrastructure
Class VR Thailand Educational VR System

Our Educational Specialists are available in Thai and English. They have extensive experience in training how to use technology successfully in the classroom. They understand how to adapt their sessions to meet the needs of staff across the whole range of familiarity with new technologies, from the high-tech whizz to the nervous newbie. We will guide you through the setup and content planning process. 

Class VR Thailand Educational VR System


Here’s how a typical session looks:

  • Our trainer ensures your ClassVR headsets are up and running smoothly, completing the setup process.
  • We give your teachers all the information they need about the headsets themselves, starting right from the basics.
  • Teachers are introduced to the intuitive ClassVR Portal, including how to manage headsets in class, how to send images and videos to the headsets instantly, and how to upload custom VR content.
  • Our trainer supports a key teacher to lead their very first ClassVR lesson!

Flexibility is at the heart of what we do. If you have detailed requirements, need us to focus on a certain curriculum area, or would like support to meet students’ specific needs using ClassVR, just let us know.

Class VR Thailand Educational VR System

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