Virtual Reality Training for Schools: Technical Setup

Configuring the headsets to work with your schools technical infrastructure
Class VR Thailand Educational VR System

Getting technology working in different environments can be troublesome. Let our technicians setup and configure everything for you, meaning all you will need to do is open the box and turn them on…

Class VR Thailand Educational VR System


Our technicians can configure and setup the ClassVR portal for you and configure the system ready for you to use. All you need to do is create an individual password and you are ready to go. Our technicians will…

  • Configure the ClassVR portal for your school
  • Add teachers as individual users
  • Setup groups and classrooms
  • Provide important network, firewall and port configuration requirements


Setting up devices can be time consuming. Let our technicians get everything ready for you, so when you receive your headsets, just turn them on and you are ready to start teaching! Our technicians will…

  • Configure each headset with your schools wi-fi details
  • Enroll each headset into your new portal organisation
  • Download and setup a default VR lesson on each headset
  • Rename each device to your own requirements
Class VR Thailand Educational VR System
Class VR Thailand Educational VR System

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