Curriculum-aligned Explorable Scenes

Navigating your students through a virtual world

Explorable scenes allow students to move around in VR, fully immersing them in virtual worlds and environments. Each scene has numerous things to explore, explain and research, and provides
contextual learning in a highly immersive way. Objects within the scene allow teachers to pose
questions to students and promote group discussions and scenes can be used in many different areas of learning, across all curricula. There are many different scenes to select, from the surface of the moon, to a volcanic island and from an Egyptian Temple to a Roman Villa.

As well as using our pre-made scenes, teachers can customise a scene, selecting environments, adding in objects and selecting relevant sounds or music to help create a more exciting and immersive experience for students. For more advanced use, teachers can even create their own environments with 3D creator tools such as Blender. Simply create your scene, save it and upload to the ClassVR portal, then share it on student headsets for a fully customisable immersive experience.

All of our explorable scenes come complete with structured lesson plans, guides and printable student resource sheets, providing teachers with all the information they need to help use these engaging scenes with many different subjects and topics across the curriculum. The lesson plans include suggested areas to explore, activities to undertake and key questions to provoke student discussion.

Class VR Thailand Educational VR System
Class VR Thailand Educational VR System
Class VR Thailand Educational VR System

Introducing Explorable Scenes

Class VR Thailand Educational VR System

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