A Virtual Reality User Interface Made for Education

Designed for students and teachers
Class VR Thailand Educational VR System


Virtual Reality is an exciting new concept, and many students and teachers will not have experienced a VR headset, or even know what to expect.

ClassVR has been designed to provide an exciting, engaging, yet simple to use interface to allow students and teachers to quickly and easily access educational content and applications with minimal fuss and no distractions, keeping them focused on the task at hand.


The heart of the ClassVR interface is the ‘holodeck‘. This futuristic ‘room’ gives students a central place to begin their adventures. Across the holodeck, icons are shown, depicting educational activities, locations or experiences.

These icons and experiences can be customised by the teacher, or selected by scanning a QrKey on our pre-defined educational lesson plans and themes. Perhaps this week students are learning about the ocean with our Underwater theme from the Habitats and Nature lessons

Class VR Thailand Educational VR System
Class VR Thailand Educational VR System
Class VR Thailand Educational VR System


Adding to the excitement is ClassVR’s gesture controls, a simple way for students to navigate the interface to find, select and launch activities.

Using just your hands and simple head movements you can navigate around the icons and select and launch activities. No buttons to fumble for, no controllers to hold. Find what you want, then give a gesture and you’re off…

When you are viewing a 360 image, standing up and turning around could be dangerous, especially for young children. With ClassVR’s ‘head tilt’ gesture, just tilt your head left and right and you will rotate around the picture, allowing you to experience 360 degree images from a safe sitting position.

Class VR Thailand Educational VR System

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